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Working Wednesday: Making Room for Activities

We're stacking the beds, rearranging the furniture, bringing out the power tools...actually, we're just shifting our schedules a bit.  Bottom line- you'll be seeing a lot more from us in the next few months. Keep a close eye on our homepage for upcoming events and announcements.  We're planning a "meet the product" webinar series where you'll get a chance to explore products in the Rational portfolio with no strings attached.  Just pop in for a quick 30 minute webinar...or sign up and we'll send you a recording.

Also in the works... a self-paced training course.  Are you an early bird, prefer to learn at your own speed... weekend warrior?  Now, you'll have the chance to learn on your own time.

Plus- live PoT's and conferences!  We're venturing in our offices for the field.  We're looking forward to educating teams on the products we know and love, learning from our colleagues and presenting technical sessions on some of the custom development work that keeps us up at night.


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