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Working Wednesday: Integrating RTC Build with Serena ChangeMan (SHARE)

A few weeks ago, Kristin and I had the pleasure of attending our first SHARE conference.  Neither of us had been before, but needless to say, we were excited.  The trip started out great. It happened to be Kristin's birthday, and what better way to spend it than on a company outing in a new city! Sam Caruso and Mike Virga, two incredible Business Partner Technical leads, were also in Pittsburgh and treated us to an extremely warm welcome.  We got an amazing tour of the city from Sam, and after capping off our night with a great meal and even better conversation, we were ready to experience SHARE.

I plan to elaborate more on the details later, but I spoke about the progression of an RTC EE Adoption that I've been working on for 3+ years at a major financial institution.  The key points were how we integrated RTC with Serena's ChangeMan:

  • Step 1: Manual Integration between RTC and CMAN
  • Step 2: Automatic Integration between RTC and CMAN using XML APIs
  • Step 3: End-to-end solution, including build, with RTC

I'm interested to know who would want to see three more blog posts digging into each of the above stated steps. Leave a comment and let me know.


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