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Over the past six months we've answered the question "what do you do" hundreds of times. What always ensues is the "how do you do it". The natural progression, right? What boggles my mind is that nobody, not once, has asked "why".

Why is import to me, to us. So I'm here to answer an unprovoked question as to why we do what we do.

We believe in building great software. We believe that anything is possible, that the current best answer to all questions should be challenged, and that great software is the result of great work.

We believe that programming is an art form. Our canvas is our IDE, and our product is on permanent display everywhere. Producing great software is truly a thing of beauty. Our satisfaction is not just in the end result, but the countless hours put in to build it.

We've studied the short history of software development, reveled at its profound evolution, cheered on its growth, and now we'd like to be a part of its future.

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