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What's Next - 2014 Edition

Over the past couple of years I've kept a folder in my inbox called "good stuff".  Whenever I've received a compliment or pat on the back, I'd always file it away in there.  It started as something to help boost my personal business commitment (PBC) rating while I was working at IBM, but has since transcended into much more. Every so often I look back into that folder, of which I do equally as much on both good and bad days, as a reminder of what's been accomplished.  I'm humbled to say that I've never been so proud of that folder as I am looking back at 2013. This year was big, it started with the announcement of our company, a sort of silent opening.  A few short months later we revealed our grand opening, which is when it truly began.  We took the plunge, made the investment, and grew our team by 50%.  It was a major step, but thankfully one that has already paid itself off many times over.  We created a recipe that consisted of a finance team, a sales team, and a technical team.  This recipe has no doubt proven itself to be successful in just a few short months.

Our coming out party was at Innovate 2013. We showed up in June with not just a success story  but a no fuss solution that could be demo'd and put to use out of the box in real world customer environments.  We gushed about our technology: a utility to automate the import of mainframe artifacts into Rational Team Concert (RTC). We illustrated our training philosophy: emphasizing that progress requires change and that course work for developers must be written by developers.  And finally we discussed our process: talking about how we achieved success with our clients by not shying away from how we got there, which was through calculated failure.

The year rolled on and we rode the momentum from Innovate.  Keeping busy with a constant barrage of customer work, we iterated on our software, updated our processes, and ended the year having established newfound confidence among our customers and partners... adding a few new logos to our client list along the way. This success has bled into 2014 with us signing all of our customers back on for the entirety of the new year. We look forward to another year of bliss with what we believe is great software, IBM RTC.

The past year has been fantastic, fueled by our wonderful company culture, we simply can't wait for what's in store for 2014.  In the upcoming weeks we'll be revealing our plans for the next 12 months, but here's a quick sneak peak of what to look out for:

  • Have a customer interested in RTC?  Have them come out to a brewery tour where they can enjoy a cocktail while learning about IBM solutions.  Look for this event in both Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina in Q1.
  • Tired of talking and want to start doing?  Get in touch with our sales team for a free trial of our software and instantly enjoy the value of your RTC installation.
  • Want to learn how to better leverage your team's ability to learn and transform themselves?  Try out our convenient online training.

Happy New Year!  We plan to keep doing what we like doing and hope you'll do the same.  And remember not to take things too seriously :)

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