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We Came, We Saw, We Were Inspired!

Innovate has come and gone and as always… it was an extraordinary event!  This year was an especially unique experience for the PacGenesis team.  We had the opportunity to meet with old friends, new friends, and to position ourselves as trailblazers in the RTC community.  This was the first occasion in which we could meet our colleagues in person to discuss the features and key benefits in the PacGenesis SCM Accelerator solution.  

The conference this year was focused around innovation and improvement.  In his keynote speech, Steve Wozniak said, “A whole different approach to something is Invention, Making things better is Innovation”.  Here at PacGenesis, we’re a living example of this mantra.

Migrations from competitive SCM’s to RTC EE are nothing new, but our approach is unique.  Instead of migrating every process that’s in use today, we focus on the basic functions… check code out - make changes - check code back in.  By recreating developers every-day tasks in RTC EE, we can streamline the migration process by approaching the project simply and efficiently.  Because customers who acquire RTC EE are focused on Enterprise Modernization, it only makes sense to innovate their process as opposed to re-creating what's old using new technology.

"The Woz" was one of our favorite parts of the conference.  His passion for innovation and engineering is second to none.

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  The advice from Eric Ries, “Build, measure, learn. Minimize the total time in this cycle”, is truly motivating.   The lean start-up method is not about cost, it’s about speed and those are words we intend to live by.  Innovation doesn’t stop when a product hits the market.  Our goal is to constantly improve on what we have today.  The industry is constantly changing and to stay ahead is to stay relevant.

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  We also had the extraordinary pleasure of earning a speaking slot during the conference.  You may have read a sneak peak of our presentation in a previous blog post.  David Bean and Craig Branham co-presented on the topic "z/OS Development, Then and Now".  The audience participation was fantastic!  As expected, a lot of businesses are concerned about losing valuable skill-sets that exist in their current development staff.  Discussion centered around the challenges, cultural differences and barriers commonly faced when introducing new technologies.

A Forrsights software survey conducted in 2011 found that the highest priority in any organization is updating/modernizing key legacy applications.  Executive sponsorship, the right implementation plan, training and mentoring can ensure successful adoption of new tooling and processes.

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  So there you have it!  Now let's begin the countdown to Innovate 2014!

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