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The Age of Transformation is Now

In his article "Transform Now.... or Struggle to Survive," Daniel Burrus is spot on.  We've hit a turning point.  No longer are our jobs changing, rather they're transforming.  Gone are the days of new direction- technology is evolving too rapidly for a total shift.  We must modernize the way we approach process, not change the process itself. Eric Ries refers to it as a "Pivot".  He encourages businesses to remain nimble so that they can modify their approach rather than start from scratch.  Change is drastic.  It can be a hindrance and it can impede progress.  A transformation is to make something that already exists more efficient.  By simply modifying the way we approach people, process and technology, we can transition our focus quickly and efficiently.

The resources that we have today are still applicable.  But why not utilize those resources in a whole new way to improve our efficiency?  Don't change the process.  Build upon what already works and make it better.  Don't change the people in your organization, show them new ways to be more productive.  And don't change technology.  Take a different approach to implementing it.

Think of Steve Jobs and Apple.  He didn't change music, but he transformed the way we receive music.   If Jobs had asked consumers what they wanted, nobody would have asked for a device that could download music, make a phone call and browse the web.  It didn't exist so buyers wouldn't have known to ask for it.  Burrus says, "Today, if you ask your customers what they want and you give it to them, you’re missing a huge opportunity, because their answers will never give you more than a fraction of your potential."   Apple fans can't live without their iPhones but they didn't know what they were missing until they actually experienced it.

At PacGenesis, we're taking this same approach.  Burrus says, "Give your customers the ability to do what they can’t currently do but would want to if they only knew it was possible".  Our approach to SCM migrations is to transform, not change.  We stick with the development basics but modernize the process.  The technology that exists today can simplify our approach to SCM so why would we recreate a convoluted process when we can complete the same tasks more efficiently?  Our method of  moving source code, setting up project areas and migrating to RTC EE is streamlined and effective.  Transformation is key to any successful project.  By empowering people, modernizing process and maximizing the potential in technology, we can give customers what they didn't know to ask for- A new approach to SCM.

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