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Sprinting to the finish line with JazzHub

As a former developer on the Rational Team Concert product, solving the issues of coordinating development on a team across geographies and locations is a no-brainer. This product is perfectly suited to this application and provides a myriad of features that help both geographically dispersed teams as well as co-located groups. It was surprising and somewhat confounding when a coworker of mine and I sat around a table, beers in hand contemplating the best way to communicate the incremental status of a particular side project we had decided to pursue. We knew that Rational Team Concert was the solution we wanted, but because of the nature of the project and the short timeline of the deliverable we wanted something lightweight that could be set up easily without a lot of server configuration. Enter JazzHub.


A few months ago IBM DevOps Services released the Track and Plan Beta feature for JazzHub effectively extending the already robust functionality of the existing system to include the planning capabilities that we were so accustomed to in Rational Team Concert. This was a huge windfall for us personally as it was the perfect combination of lightweight setup and planning support we needed for this particular project.

Within a matter of minutes we had logged in, set up a project area and sent out team invitations—it certainly lived up to its motto of “DevOps Made Easy.” The interface for JazzHub was simple and effective—everything we needed to get started and nothing bulky to stand in our way. One of the best parts was that the work we did to set up our project in those few minutes was instantly available to other members of our team using the full featured Rational Team Concert client—talk about bang for you buck!

With new features and functions being added all the time, the value proposition for JazzHub as a way to give teams access to rich planning functionality and SCM features with minimal person-time overhead and a low to no cost entry point will only grow. For the latest news on JazzHub check out their website or Facebook page.

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