Experts in DevOps and UrbanCode

Increasing Product Quality through DevOps

Last quarter, the PacGenesis team had the pleasure of collaborating with Jim Sullivan of Arcisphere Technolgies on a DevOps Webinar.   If you missed it, shame on you ;) But take a look at what we put together:

DevOps – a contraction of “Development and Operations" is a software development method that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals...Thanks Wikipedia!

But, we all know it's much more, Right?

DevOps is the method by which we speed time to market, eliminate bugs, reduce costs and provide customers with a truly innovate product.

With technology today, we can align business objectives with development goals. We can collaborate among different teams. We can easily test and improve software quality. We can automate the release cycle.  And, we can improve the feedback mechanism so that both internal stakeholders and customers can steer the direction of our product.

DevOps allows companies to unify the two facets of an organization’s technology department.  Click on the white paper below to find out how DevOps allows companies developing complex systems to integrate their development, testing and deployment processes.

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