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In a previous post written by Scott entitled "Why", he discussed the motives behind the inception of PacGenesis. If you read the post then you'll understand that software development is a job to many but a passion for only a few. Our eagerness to create something new and and modern drives our intensity to achieve greater things.  And so in this post, I will explain How we do what we do.

As inhabitants of the 21st century, it is our duty to take advantage of all that society has to offer...this is true of technology, goods & services.  But we would be amiss if we simply accepted things at face value without ever expecting more.  To challenge the status quo is to drive innovation and that is how PacGenesis achieves success.

By refusing to settle for what's convenient or traditional means that we're constantly striving to improve on what exists today.  Instead of replicating a series of steps, let's optimize the process, streamline the tasks and improve the output.  When we approach a business opportunity, we don't focus our energy on just one piece of the equation, we look at the bigger picture.  In doing so, we can effectively offer a comprehensive solution that's innovate and multi-functional.

Our goal is to remain open-minded and to push ourselves to think outside the box.  In doing this, we can deliver solutions that our customers didn't know to ask for, because they didn't already exist.  We can offer a creative way of addressing problems and improving process instead of simply circumventing an issue or patching a bug. Temporary fixes don't work and with technology constantly evolving, yesterday's solution won't sustain us into the future.  Our catalyst is to remain relevant by aiming higher, reaching farther and seeking more superior solutions at every opportunity.

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