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Gandalf, Fanboy, Ninja. What type of programmer are you?

I think most people will agree, programmers are a unique group.  You never know what type of personality you'll run into.  Justin James has defined 10 archetypes that you're most likely to come across. There's "Gandalf,"  the uber-experienced developer who spends half his time telling stories and the other half working his (or her!) magic to overcome some of the toughest development scenarios.

Then you have the "Fanboy".  Young, energetic and sometimes more interested in the latest video game than doing his job, the Fanboy's work-space is usually so cluttered with posters, action figures and knick-knacks that he can barely squeeze in front of his monitor.

The "Ninja" is known to pull frequent all-nighters.  He's focused and determined to be the best, but prefers to fly under the radar.  Without calling too much attention to himself, the Ninja is usually one of the most productive members of the development team.

So which type of programmer are you?  Click here to read "10 types of Programmers you'll encounter in the field" by Justin James

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