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Cycling. ie, "Urban commuting"

What means of transportation do you use to get to the office every day?  Would you be surprised to learn that almost 865,000 people, or 0.61 percent of the commuting public, reported biking as their primary method of getting to work in the 2012 American Community Survey?  While it may not sound like much, it's 9% more than last year and trending up! With bike commuting on the rise, walking to work is on the decline.  There's been a 28% decrease over the last 10 years.  Transit commuting is hovering around 5% which means the majority of workers still use solo driving as their primary means of transportation at 76%.

The trend towards bicycle commuting is most likely a factor of cities becoming more bike-friendly.  Many Bicycle Friendly Communities, including Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Denver and Lexington, Ky, have more than doubled their bike commuter share since 2000.

There are tons of benefits to cycling:

  • Biking is energy efficient with NO carbon footprint
  • It reduces air, water & noise pollution
  • Bicycling can be faster and more efficient than walking
  • You aren't susceptible to traffic jams or highway commuting
  • Cycling reduces stress, can be therapeutic and is a great form of exercise

If bicycle isn't your primary means of commuting, perhaps give it a try during National Bike Month in May.  Or, start out slower and participate in the 2014 Bike To Work Day on May 16th.

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